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(Raze attack calculations change based on this)


Note: the formatter recognizes a lot of data, but a lot might be still missing. I am adding the missing things when I receive reports about them or when I see them in the game. If you want to report a bug or there is something missing, look for me on irc.utonet.org with the nickname Eus, or join #seraphim.

UNIQUES are calculated as one attack every 6 hours, excluding ambush. Three ambushes in the same hour are considered 1 unique as well.

Last update - 23.12.2016 17:15 GMT

06.12.2014 - Update to the way uniques are being calculated. Added missing data for abducts, blizzards and dragons.

06.12.2014 - Fixed a bug with the display of raze attacks in war being displayed incorrectly. Thanks to HeavyMetal for reporting.

17.11.2014 - Fixed a bug where province with only one raze out would be shown as if it received a raze. Thanks goes to Ex for reporting.

27.01.2014 - Changed the way the uniques are being displayed and added option to filter output.

27.01.2014 - Fixed kingdom news formatter bug created after the last update.... Added formatting of province data - SoT, SoM, SoS and Survey, as well as creating and reading export lines for them.

26.01.2014 - Added PROPAGANDA as separate line in the province news format.

07.01.2013 - Reviewed the base of the script responsible for identifying the province news and found some serious problems with retrieving the data from land attacks. It's fixed now.

29.12.2012 - Fixed riots not being shown on province news format. Thanks Mopreme for the heads up! And sorry that it took so long to fix....

08.09.2012 - Updated the way the province formatter sanitizes data before processing. Thanks Syrus for the provided data!

24.06.2012 - Fixed massacres out not being count correctly. Thanks Cyrgai for the catch!

24.06.2012 - A lot of changes into the kingdom news formatter! Changed the layout a bit, changed the chart which is being generated for land changes, changed the way the formatter tracks and calculates data, added timespan calculation, changed the way the uniques are being count (3 ambushes are count as 1 unique, 1 non-ambush attack every 6 hours is count as unique), changed how information is being shown in "Highlights" and also added some additional information there.

09.03.2012 - Fixed wrong displaying of nightmares (mixed up variables), reported by maul.

20.02.2012 - Added patch for greater arson (hopefully it'll work with all the arson possibilities), thanks for the data, maul!

08.11.2011 - Added uniques counter for enemy kingdoms as well, added uniques to summaries.

23.10.2011 - Added arson and free prisoners to province news, tweaked design a bit. Still need to check if greater arson works the same.

17.09.2011 - Moved the site to a new home and enhanced the code a bit. Added some missing stuff (calculating learn and massacre attacks in the total amount of the attacks, included learn attacks in the damage reports, etc). Added some design enhancements although generally saving the same line of design.

19.01.2011 - Updated summary, minor fixes (on massacre and raze).

09.11.2010 - Fixed a problem when posting paper/CE from Internet Explorer or pastebin (thanks curdie and Stealer for reporting this) and display issue when showing highlights (war declared by own kingdom).

24.10.2010 - Fixed an issue with calculating land grabs over 1k acres. Increased the overall font size and added some more html and css to make the text more readable.

07.10.2010 - added kingdom formatting capabilities, so the formatter is now UNIVERSAL news formatter. The kingdom formatter recognizes aid, cf offers - sent, received, accepted and canceled, dragons - sent, received, started and canceled, land attacks, plunders, ambushes, learns, failed attacks in and out. If you have data for anything which is not in these lists, find me in IRC and give me the information so I can add it in the formatter.